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David du Pré & Co. 
Specialist Divorce and Family Law Solicitors in London, England, UK


As one of the best known Divorce Law firms in London our solicitors have in depth experience of dealing with a wide range of issues which may arise when relationships break down including international situations involving English nationals or residents, particularly financial issues. We realise that these are sensitive issues and we try to handle them in a sympathetic, civilised and positive manner and by advising clearly and acting firmly and decisively to resolve them, if possible by agreement. We guide you through each step of the procedure and, if appropriate, introduce you to a mediator even before the proceedings are started. Our fully qualified senior solicitors (of over 30 years experience) will usually deal personally with the client on an individual  "one to one"  daily basis throughout, but at hourly rates which are considerably lower than those in many other central London law firms.

We are situated in Bedford Row, London WC1 which is close to the High Court and the Central Family Court. The firm was established in 1991 by David du Pré who has been a practising Solicitor since 1980 having earlier practised as a barrister . He is a member of Resolution (formerly known as the Solicitors Family Law Association), and of the International Society of Family Law. Overall he has more than 35 years practical experience of divorce law during which time he has been involved in many demanding, and often complex or unusual cases and, through these, has developed many useful contacts in the field of matrimonial law. He is assisted by his experienced colleague, Gaye Osborne. She has been a practising solicitor since 1982 and is a member of Resolution and of the Law Society's Family Lawyers panel. We were one of the first firms to operate as a "niche" specialist divorce practice concentrating exclusively on Divorce and Family Law and we believe that our clients welcome the "one to one" personal and confidential service and attention which this enables us to provide.

We have a broad range of clients, from the wealthy to those of more moderate means, However, we do not undertake publicly funded (i.e. legal aid) cases but we believe that our charges compare very favourably with most other specialist divorce lawyers in the centre of London (of similar status, expertise and experience), and we have a reduced fee for the first hour of advice without obligation to instruct us.

We also prepare post-nuptial agreements or, if you are simply contemplating marriage and want to know what might happen in the event of a divorce, we can advise you about the potential consequences and, if necessary prepare a prenuptial agreement for you.

If you would like advice we usually suggest a preliminary meeting. If you live outside the UK we may be able to have a brief discussion with you over the telephone by prior arrangement but it would be helpful if you send us some details by email first so that we can consider your request.  For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us by clicking on and completing our Response Form or by clicking on Email below (or at the top left of this page). Alternatively, you are welcome to telephone us

David du Pré & Co.

Postal Address: 23 Bedford Row, Holborn, London, WC1R 4EB, England
Document Exchange: 117 London/Chancery Lane
Email: info@daviddupre.co.uk
Tel:      020 7430 1950 (from the UK)
      + 44 20 7430 1950 (from outside UK)

Principal: David du Pre LL.B
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